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A loving God would never __________

This whole argument is flawed.

You realize you are literally judging what God should and shouldn’t do. By very definition of you not being God, you don’t get to do that. Whether you believe in God or not, we don’t get to set the standard of moral justice. We may try and match those standards based on what we read in God’s word, or on how we feel, but by our sinful nature, it is flawed. 

God executes perfect moral justice in a way that is hard for us to comprehend. God is just. It is one of his attributes. Sin is wrong, thus, since we all have sin, we all deserve His righteous justice, AKA hell.

BUT, since he is a loving God, he sent a scapegoat, His son Jesus Christ. This God is just AND loving. Both are characteristics of Him.

(via sideofsalvation)

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